Nick’s Whitetail Hunt

Hunter Name: Nick Years Hunted with us: 1st Year Date Harvested: September 8, 2020 Score: 118" Weapon: Bow This story begins on opening day.  We had a few deer patterned in this one particular spot, and with the ESE wind we had, it seemed like the perfect setup.  Unfortunately, the the big 8 we had [...]

Ryan’s 1st Whitetail at KY

Hunter Name: Ryan Harrell Years Hunted with us: 1st year Score: 126 5/8" Date Harvested: September 8, 2020 Weapon: Bow Ryan started off the week hunted one set of stands with a different deer in mind, but the deer went nocturnal at that spot, so after a couple days, one of our other hunters sacrificed [...]

Daniel’s Shots a Nice Buck

Hunter Name: Daniel Years Hunting with us: 3 Years Date Harvested: September 7, 2020 Score: 125"  Weapon: Crossbow Dan hunted hard the first day on one farm without any luck and seeing very minimal, but he didn't get discouraged and when we got the wind switch we needed, we moved in on a new spot. [...]

Vince’s Heavy Buck

Hunter Name: Vince Years Hunting with us: 6 Years Date Harvested: September 6, 2020 Score: 138 6/8" Weapon: Bow We refer to this buck as the redemption buck, because Vince had wounded this exact buck last year on a farm 1.5 miles away.  Lucky for us he relocated on another one of our farms.  Vince [...]

Mike’s Nice Buck

Hunter Name: Mike Years Hunting with us: 1st year Date Harvested: September 6, 2020 Score: 125 3/8" Weapon: Bow This deer is deceiving at first glance.  He actually broke off his g2 on his left side.  When we scored the deer we counted his right side g2 as his left side g2.  This deer was [...]

Jeremy’s Big Buck

Hunter Name:  Jeremy Years hunting with us: 1st Year Date Harvested: September 5, 2020 Score: 143 1/8" Weapon: Crossbow Jeremy was hunting a new farm we acquired this year.  The setup was pretty neat.  For any kind of NE - S wind we were able to utilize this lock on setup.  A cattle fence 15 [...]

Shane’s Archery Whitetail

Hunter Name: Shane Years Hunting with us: 1st year Date Harvested: September 5, 2020 Score: 146 3/8" Weapon: Bow We have had the farm Shane killed on for several years, and the spot he was hunting has always been a great area.  This year we went in there are put in a 1/2 acre strip [...]

No Bs Foodplot

August 24th - Here is a look at our secluded backwoods No BS food plot by Domain Outdoor LLC. This little spot is sure to be the hot spot come late October, especially once the crops come out of the fields.

Kill Shot

August 17- we are out getting those lanes cut, adding bow ropes and bow hangers to the stands, hoping to make your life easier. We have added lifelines to all our lock-ons as we continue to raise the bar on what an outfitted hunt should look like.

The Curse of 2020

The pole saw got even with me today. 6 Stitches later and I'm back in the field. I was lucky enough to have some of the guides in town to pick up the slack. We got a lot of lanes trimmed, stands flagged and tagged, and more corn put out. Less than a month away [...]