Double Beam Kentucky Whitetail

Congrats on this great Buck! 2018 has been an excellent year so far for us here at Whitetail Crossing. This past weekend saw favorable conditions allowing us to get back in the timber and take this beautiful double main beam buck. Alan made a great shot at only 12 yards with his Muzzleloader and was [...]

Chase Smokes Biggest Buck to Date

Big Buck Down in Kentucky! For those of you that know me well, this is an achievement of a lifetime for me. But what I’m more appreciative of is how humbling the whole experience was. This week taught me humility, gratitude and the importance of keeping priorities straight. I had a disastrous start to the [...]

Debb gets her first deer ever

Patience Pays off Deer Hunting Debb had a roller coaster week. Debb and her husband Mike from Pennsylvania are back this year, the same week they came in 2017. The early muzzleloader combo hunt we offer has been good to them. This year Debb made the decision to sit by her self so both her [...]

Chase Returns and Rattles in a Nice 8

Great 8 - Chasing Whitetails Chase was here earlier this year and played chess with a 160"+ deer, seeing him 3 out of 6 days. He arrived back here on Friday and almost immediately was able to punch a tag as possibly the same buck emerged at 40 yards behind the brush scent checking a [...]

Tough Weather Conditions for Combo Hunt

Some Great Success Our Combo hunters ran into some tough weather conditions this week. (Oct 18-22) We had temps gradually rising everyday ending with an 80 degree day today (Sunday). We did have some close encounters at first light, nearly having two big boys on the ground, however our hunters needed just 5 more minutes [...]

What October Lull…Dozer Jr. Goes Down

Ryan Scores Giant Buck This is Ryans first time hunting with us and he was able to tag this beautiful buck on Friday the 13th. This is his biggest buck to date and scores 148 6/8" P&Y. We were able to take advantage of the right wind and late planted soybeans.

8 Bucks Down Already

Great Start to 2017 7 out of 14 hunters tagged out already this season. (3 of those hunters not tagged out already coming back later in year to chase those bucks that eluded them early season, some by only a step or two from tagging out) 7 Bucks taken by our hunters on our Guided […]