Check out the NEW Whitetail Crossing website!!!

With our expansion into Ohio, I wanted to create a website that was easy to use and very informative.  I have created separate pages for you to find Kentucky hunting information and Ohio hunting information.  Be sure to follow along with our blog, where I will give updates through the year and during the season. [...]

No Bs Foodplot

August 24th - Here is a look at our secluded backwoods No BS food plot by Domain Outdoor LLC. This little spot is sure to be the hot spot come late October, especially once the crops come out of the fields.

Kill Shot

August 17- we are out getting those lanes cut, adding bow ropes and bow hangers to the stands, hoping to make your life easier. We have added lifelines to all our lock-ons as we continue to raise the bar on what an outfitted hunt should look like.

The Curse of 2020

The pole saw got even with me today. 6 Stitches later and I'm back in the field. I was lucky enough to have some of the guides in town to pick up the slack. We got a lot of lanes trimmed, stands flagged and tagged, and more corn put out. Less than a month away [...]

Inventory Day

My wife surprised me and made some decals for the side by side. Id say it looks pretty good. We have started gathering an inventory and are very excited for the upcoming season.

Show yourself – Deer Scouting

July 30th - Anthony and I headed to scout a bean field tonight with hopes of seeing some of the deer we've seen on camera to get a better idea of where to put our stands. Got to see a great up and comer 3.5 year old 11 Pt. Please don't shoot this one. Don't [...]

Sugar Momma 13 Days Growth

July 28th - I went out to check some of the plots we planted and this sugar momma plot is looking great at just 13 days of growth. With more rain in the forecast I believe we will be in good shape. We have gotten 95 percent of the plots in so far that we [...]

Treestand Clean-up

Summer Deerstand Prep July-21 Man, it is hot outside. In between food plots, we decided to get some new stands hung today and cleaned up some shooting lanes at others. I will be back on the tractor tomorrow with more rain in the forecast. I am hoping to get another 3 foodplots done tomorrow.

Sugar Momma – Food Plots

Its July 15th, and me and Anthony, are out here getting some plots in before the rain. Typically we wait until august 1st to get plots in, but with good rain in the forecast, we wanted to get these low lying areas in. They stay partially shaded and hold moisture so that should be good. [...]

Unbelievable Turkey Season

An Amazing Spring in Kentucky! 2019 Turkey Season has been one for the ages.  We ended up with 34 Birds hitting the ground.  4 jakes and 30 longbeards.  If you want to see some of the success, be sure to check out the photo gallery here 2019 Turkey Season.