Shane’s Archery Whitetail

Hunter Name: Shane
Years Hunting with us: 1st year
Date Harvested: September 5, 2020
Score: 146 3/8″
Weapon: Bow

We have had the farm Shane killed on for several years, and the spot he was hunting has always been a great area.  This year we went in there are put in a 1/2 acre strip Foodplot, planted in wheat, to help create some more activity.  This spot sits between two bedding areas and has a pond located at the north end of the plot.  He had an incredible night, and really took advantage of opening day NE wind.  Unfortunately, with it being a severe quartering away shot, the arrow lodged in the body prevented any blood trail.  We weren’t able to find the deer that night or next day.  We finally recovered this buck floating in the pond at the end of the plot.  We believed deer had gone down into woods after being hit but didn’t have any luck the first day looking for him.

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