Brandon’s Patience Pays

Hunter Name: Brandon
Years Hunted with us: 7 Years
Score: 168″
Date Harvested: September 8, 2020
Weapon: Bow

This was another case of the wind being wrong to start the season.  It is so important to make the right decision when it comes to the wind.  On the second day of the season, Brandon passed a 145-150″ 9 point knowing this buck was in the area.  Patience paid off.  With a SE wind, we setup on trails that lead out to the soybeans.  Inside the woods was a mineral lick that this buck would visit about 1-2 a week.  He didn’t make the great shot, having spine shot him, but was able to get off a finishing shot after climbing down.

Nick’s Whitetail Hunt196″ Monster Whitetail