Anthony sets the Bar

Hunter Name: Anthony
Years Hunted with us: 1st Year
Date Harvested: September 14, 2020
Score: 98 5/8″
Weapon: Bow

Anthony saw this buck the night before he shot him out of one of our ladder stands overlooking a Sugar Momma foodplot.  The buck skirted the edge and didn’t offer a shot.  When the wind switched more out of the NE we moved him over to a elevated ground blind watching the same plot, but a little closer to where deer was headed the day before.  He made a 30 yard shot and deer only went 100 yards.  This is first ever bow buck and biggest to date.  I can’t wait for next year to see how we can raise the bar even higher and of course to see how the mullet is coming along!

Angelo – 141 6/8″Chase – Virginia