196″ Monster Whitetail

Hunter Name: Anthony
Years Hunted: Not a paid hunter, hunted on personal farm.
Score: 196″
Date Harvested: September 9, 2020
Weapon: Bow

Anthony is one of our guides here and he was NOT hunting on one of our properties.  He was hunting on his family farm.  We helped him get food plots established, stands hung, and strategies created for how to hunt this deer.  Anthony was hunting a 2 acres Domain Outdoor Big Sexy food plot.  He had the deer on camera for the past 3 years, with this year having the deer grow more than 50″ from the year before.  He passed this deer last year with hopes of the deer making it 5.5 years old.  He saw plenty of deer early in the week but this buck didn’t make an appearance the first 3 days.  On day 4, he showed up but at last light.  On day five with a due East wind, he came out with plenty of light and gave him a perfect 25 yards shot.  Its all on film, so in a few months we can relive this memorable moment.  It was fun being involved with his success and we can’t wait to see what he can produce year after year.

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