Check out the NEW Whitetail Crossing website!!!

With our expansion into Ohio, I wanted to create a website that was easy to use and very informative.  I have created separate pages for you to find Kentucky hunting information and Ohio hunting information.  Be sure to follow along with our blog, where I will give updates through the year and during the season. [...]

Steve’s 134″ Archery Whitetail – 2020

Hunter Name: Steve Years Hunted with us: 8th Year Date Harvested: October 18, 2020 Score: 134" Weapon: Bow Setup just inside the woods below 2 standing corn fields, Steve heard movement off to his left in the cornfield.  All he could see was tines walking his way.  A giant was coming his way just 4 [...]

Chloe’s 1st Buck

Hunter Name: Chloe Years Hunted with us: 1st Year Date Harvested: October 11, 2020 Score: Youth Hunter - First Buck Ever Weapon: Rifle This was the first year that Chloe was behind the gun on a hunt.  She's always hunted with Paw Paw in the past.  We had North wind that morning when this buck stepped [...]

Anthony’s Biggest Buck Yet

Hunter Name: Anthony Years Hunted with us: 1st Year Date Harvested: October 10, 2020 Score: Youth Hunter Weapon: Gun Mason has hunted with us for a few years now and its been fun to watch him grow up.  Every year his deer gets bigger.  This is his best yet.  With a south west wind, he [...]

Chase – Virginia

Chase - Virginia Hunter Name: Chase Years Hunted with us: 8th Year Date Harvested: October 2, 2020 Score: 127" Weapon: Bow This hunt started off so promising, with a cold front moving through and the deer on their feet.  Chase was sitting over a Domain Outdoor Illicit(Radish) and Sugar Momma field just off a bedding [...]

Anthony sets the Bar

Hunter Name: Anthony Years Hunted with us: 1st Year Date Harvested: September 14, 2020 Score: 98 5/8" Weapon: Bow Anthony saw this buck the night before he shot him out of one of our ladder stands overlooking a Sugar Momma foodplot.  The buck skirted the edge and didn't offer a shot.  When the wind switched [...]

Angelo – 141 6/8″

Hunter Name: Angelo Years Hunted with us: 4 Years Score: 141 6/8" Date Harvested: September 12, 2020 Weapon: Bow Like Shane, who shot the 146 opening day, we had Angelo in the same area.  We had a South wind so we went in to hang a stand at other end of the winter wheat foodplot [...]

Ethan Gets His Buck

Hunter Name: Ethan Years Hunting with us: 2 Years Score: 121" Date Harvested: September 11, 2020 Weapon: BowWe had Ethan set up on the edge of hayfield looking down into a major corridor between food areas.  This buck stepped out at 25 yards and was too hard to pass up for him in full velvet. [...]

196″ Monster Whitetail

Hunter Name: Anthony Years Hunted: Not a paid hunter, hunted on personal farm. Score: 196" Date Harvested: September 9, 2020 Weapon: Bow Anthony is one of our guides here and he was NOT hunting on one of our properties.  He was hunting on his family farm.  We helped him get food plots established, stands hung, [...]

Brandon’s Patience Pays

Hunter Name: Brandon Years Hunted with us: 7 Years Score: 168" Date Harvested: September 8, 2020 Weapon: Bow This was another case of the wind being wrong to start the season.  It is so important to make the right decision when it comes to the wind.  On the second day of the season, Brandon passed [...]