The secret is out! Kentucky is the hottest hunting destination. We offer bow, crossbow, muzzleloader, and rifle hunts for trophy whitetail deer and turkey.


This year we are taking our game to the next level by adding Ani-logics to our program. Giving the deer everything they need to be healthier will allow them to grow and thrive on our farms.

Barronett Blinds

What a great company to work with. Their ground blinds are affordable and reliable. They offer many different options and sizes to meet your needs. Looking forward to staying dry this season with our Barronett Blinds.

Domain Outdoor LLC

Domain Outdoor LLC. offers so many varieties to match your needs. Whether you need annuals or perennials, early season or late season, they have an option for you. We are increasing our food plot efforts each year and with Domain Outdoor LLC, we will continue to improve our deer herd.

Drop Zone TV

Drop Zone TV Approved. We have been featured on Drop Zone TV from 2013 – 2015 with host Hal Shaffer harvesting a few nice bucks, as well his friend Scott Zipadelli.

GlenDel Targets

These GlenDel Bucks are tough and having the replaceable core is great for us. As you can imagine we have guys shooting at these all season and they hold up great.

Grizzly Coolers

The Grizzly name is more than just a label on a lid. It can be found in the memories of an adventure long since passed, or forged in the achievements of tomorrow. It’s an inheritance that can be passed down from generation to generation whose value will only strengthen with age. The Grizzly name stands on the pillars of durability, longevity, and adaptability. On those long work days over the summer hanging stands and clearing lanes, its nice to have cold drinks all day long.

Hawk Hunting

Since we have opened we have vowed to use only the best products, products we ourselves would use hunting. That is why we have chosen Hawk. Not only are their hang on stands extremely comfortable, but the accessories they offer are second to none. Be sure to check them out.

HME- Hunting Made Easy

HME products are great and top of the line. From trail tacks and cleaning gloves to bow hangers and hooks they have it all.

Holt’s Taxidermy

Holt’s taxidermy is who we bring all our deer to, both personal and clients deer. He does a great job at an unbeatable price. Thanks Anthony. We looking forward to keeping you busy for years to come.

Hunter’s Blend Coffee

Coffee for hunters, by hunters. Time to enjoy a great cup of coffee every morning, knowing that your giving back to the hunting community.


We use huntstand to show our clients where theyre hunting and why. Great app as well becuase you can sync it with your online account. I highly recommend it.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife website is very informative and allows you to purchase your hunting license right online.

Outdoor Edge

If you haven’t used the Outdoor Edge Switch Blade, you need to go out and get one. When you gut and cape as many deer as we do, you need something that works efficiently.

Rivers Edge Treestands

We have joined forces with Rivers Edge Treestands to bring your bowhunting skills to the next level. We are using the Lockdown Bow Pro Ladder Stands that sit just over 18′ off the ground, have locking ladder sections to eliminate squeaks, and give you a big platform that extends to the tree eliminating the silhouette created when you start away from the tree in most other stands.

Sitka Gear

Everyone has their favorite brand of camo. Our’s is Sitka Gear. The moveability, comfort, effectivness and quality is unlike any on the market. Not your typical look to camo, but by far the best product we have used. The greatest part is that they have a camo for each season, to have you covered no matter what the weather conditions are.