Don't believe us? Here is what some of our hunters have had to say about us.
Early Season 2020 - Springfield, KY

Brandon Emory

Well let me start out saying 2020 has been one for the ages. I think we all are ready for 2021 and to leave 2020 in the past. Now let me start, Bryan and the guides at Whitetail Crossing run a top notch outfitting business I first started hunting with those guys in 2012 with a DIY hunt. Little did I know I it was the being of a lot more than just another hunt. We started a friendship and has truly became more of, family hanging out and adding a little bit of hunting in there with it. I’ve been fortunate to harvest some great deer over the years and for that I’m forever thankful. I’ve had some extreme encounters with awesome bucks that any normal hunter would have at least picked his/her bow up for. But on my behalf all we can ask for is the chance and I’ve had it many of times over the past years. Bryan and his guides have great stand locations and no one works harder to put you on a buck of a lifetime. His business is truly at the top and it’s the vacation/hunt I look forward to each and every year.

Archery Opener, 2019 - Springfield

Steve Blackowiak

At Whitetail Crossings your opportunity for a true trophy Whitetail does not come by chance or luck. Bryan and his team of guides put in the work to locate shooter bucks. I’ve been hunting with Whitetail Crossings since 2012 and have sat in many different stands on many different farms. I have never climbed into a stand and thought something was wrong or needed to change. Concealment is always top notch with clear shooting lanes. Set ups are as if I had done them myself. Attention to the details really show at every set. Bryan and his team is like family, always welcoming and make you feel right at home. I’ve met the best people at camp, many have grown into great friends. Accommodations are fabulous and you won’t go hungry, food is always great. My most memorable hunts have been with Whitetail Crossings. Whether it is an encounter with a giant that didn’t come together or I release an arrow, so many great times.

2019 - Springfield

Tom Bourlier

My experience with Whitetail Crossing continues first rate. 2019 was my third year hunting there with my two sons. It gets better every year. Guides are great and really try to help you be successful. Bryan Dirr, owner/operator is dedicated to his clients. This year I got my first deer here. A nice 141” 10 pointer. See picture. We will keep coming back until Bryan kicks us out. A great experience.

Rifle 2017,2018 - Prince George Virginia

Tom Bourlier

My second year with Bryan and staff. This is a very dedicated group of professionals whose goal is to see you bring home a real Kentucky trophy deer. Everything that they do is with that in mind. The guides are the best I have ever hunted with. Accommodations are first rate and so is the tablefare. I will be there in 2019.

Spring Turkey 2018 - Ohio

Brad Kagel

I just returned from my 2018 Spring Turkey Hunt with Bryan and have already booked my return trip for next Springs Turkey season. Bryan and his guides have the prime locations for a quality turkey hunting experience. The lodge is spacious and well maintained. These guys know where to put you on birds. They had areas scouted before my arrival and we were on birds the first morning out. I can’t wait until next Spring!

Fall Bow Rut - 2018 - VA

Crystal Baker

I have been hunting with Bryan, at Whitetail Crossing, for the past 3 years for the first week of November (rut bow hunt). Each year has gotten more and more exciting for me. The first year I saw rut action I have never seen as well as some huge deer (bucks and doe), but never had a shooter in range during daylight. The second year I saw even more rut action that included one particular buck chasing the heck out of at least 15 different does and just bawling at them, and while I got a shot off on a nice 8 I did not connect. I guess third year was the charm for me. The first day I saw 2 different shooters, one before daylight and one that was out of range. The second afternoon I was able to connect with a wide 7 point that Bryan had showed me pictures of. He came in following a doe. He stood back about 30 yards in some thicker brush and let her feed for about 5 min and when she walked off he slowly followed and when he came to about 20 yrds and he presented me with a great broadside shot. When I shot and saw him turn and run I knew I had him and I was so excited I couldn’t stand it. Bryan does not promise you will tag out but he does everything he can to give you the opportunity to do so if presented with the shot. I have made some lasting friendships while in camp and love that he keeps his camp smaller so that it allows for that fellowship. Bryan and his team are top notch and I consider them my friends and even family!! I will continue to go back as often as I can!

Whitetail Hunt

Chase Miller

For those of you that know me well, this is an achievement of a lifetime for me. But what I’m more appreciative of is how humbling the whole experience was. This week taught me humility, gratitude and the importance of keeping priorities straight. I had a disastrous start to the week that almost completely took me out of the game. When lowering my bow down after my first evening hunt, my bow rope broke and my bow crashed off the climbing sticks and hit the ground hard, leaving my quiver in pieces, cams dirty, arrows scattered, and sight completely moved. On top of that, I left my release back in Virginia. I was able to find a local bow shop to get me back in the game. I really had to gather myself and take a deep breath. Then realize how unbelievably fortunate I am to be happy, healthy, living in the greatest county in the world and have some of the greatest people in my life that a guy could ask for. And it’s amazing how things tend to work themselves out when you count your blessings and not let bad situations crush your emotions and attitude. I was sitting in a 12 ft ladder stand that positioned perfectly for where there deer usually come in. This night, the deer came in from behind me and walked directly down wind. This buck eventually walked 6 yards from my stand and as I let him get to 20 I went into my pre-shot routine. I smoked him and he only went 40 yards before piling up. My best buck ever. I have been coming here for 6 years and have got to see this place from the very beginning. It gets better every year and Im happy to call Bryan a great friend. I can’t wait for next year.

Whitetail Hunt

Chad Smith

No better place to go in Kentucky. They are no joke. Property’s are beautiful and have plenty of deer. The conditions were not ideal on my hunt this year. I should say, this was my first trip here for my brother and I and first trip out of state. Temps were in the 90s, but everyone in the lodge seen deer and shooters were visible. My brother was able to harvest a nice full velvet buck with a drop tine (127″) on opening night. The second day of the season,Bryan (the owner), begged me to get in the stand my brother had shot in the night before because of the deer he knew was coming in, and with the wind being right, I jumped in. Well, long story short, Bryan was right. I wound up shooting my biggest buck of my life at 18 yards. A monster full velvet 169″ beast. Basically an 8 pointer. Hands down the best outfitter I’ve been with. The worst part of the trip was the fact that Bryan and Kacey smoked us at Cornhole. Just because your the client doesn’t mean they let you win, and we thought we were good. Already booked for next year and can’t wait.


Orvail Orr

I’ve been going to Whitetail Crossing for the past 5 years and I can’t say enough good things about them. They are truly a top notch outfitter. From the work that Bryan and the guides put in to stand location and food plots and the welcoming environment of the lodge. I would recommend Whitetail Crossing to anyone looking for a quality place to hunt that doesn’t make you feel like a number.

Spring 2018 - Columbia, SC

Blake Denton

My very first time spring turkey hunting outside of South Carolina where I’m from was all made possible by Whitetail Crossing Kentucky! This is by far one of the best quality pieces of land I have hunted in my life. The folks here really know what they are doing when it comes to land management and taking care of their clients. This beautiful turkey is my biggest one to date at 26 lbs, 11 inch beard, and 1 1/8 inch spurs this thing was a whopper! Bryan went out of his way to haul his utv to the property I was hunting for me to use since my truck wouldn’t make it (poor thing). Really speaks to his character and helpfulness! Thanks Whitetail Crossing Kentucky for a hunt of a lifetime and I most certainly look forward to my next adventure there! If you’re thinking about visiting WCK, think no further because this place worth it!

2020 Whitetail - New Jersey

Angelo Guadelli

My first year with whitetail crossing was in 2017. I did not know what to expect but I am glad I went. There are not many outfitters that will give each hunter in camp a great opportunity at targeted deer. I’ve been to a lot of outfits that will just put 15 guys up in stands and hope for the best, This place is not one of them. Bryan and the guides go above and beyond to hang stands in good locations to play all wind directions and put in a bunch of food plots to make it even better. My archery hunt this past season is one I will never forget being my biggest archery buck to date. Hoping to change when I go back !!

2017 - Ohio

Drew Dentinger

This year was my second year at Whitetail Crossing. Last year I never had a shooter in range opening week but others did. It was 95 degrees almost every day. That is hunting and we cannot control the weather. This year, I decided to come back on the second week of the season. The weather was amazing as was the deer movement. Bryan and the guides know their properties like no other. I shot the biggest buck of my life (162″) on the 4th evening of the hunt this year. Bryan had me get out there two hours earlier than normal because “the deer move early at that spot”. He wasn’t lying. I climbed in the stand at 2:00pm had deer moving at 2:58pm. The second night in that same stand is when I harvested my buck. I saw well over 60 deer in the four evenings that I hunted. It was a great experience and I’ll be coming back in 2018 without a doubt.

09/16/17 - Mooresville, NC

No Name

How do you determine the best from the rest….Others, offer pictures and editorials, but what they don’t tell you is the number of hunters who go home dissatisfied. Whether it’s the experience or lack there of, one thing I can assure everyone, is that this outfitter’s success is founded on hard work and integrity. Good luck on finding another outfitter who can outwork this one. Big deer are not behind every tree, but what this outfitter guarantees is an opportunity to pursue a deer of a lifetime. This is the only outfitter I’ve ever been to that I can honestly say will do their level best to offer you the hunt of a lifetime. If luck is on your side, you will get the trophy of your dreams, otherwise I guarantee you will be satisfied with your experience. If not, please contact me personally as I’m not only a friend but a true believer in what these guys do.

Drop Zone TV

Hal Shaffer

I have been in the outdoor industry for 14 years now and I have hunted with dozens of outfitters. There are good ones and unfortunately there are bad ones. Being a good outfitter is a hard job and many are not up to the task. But with that said, I have never been with a better outfitter than Whitetail Crossing (Bryan Dirr) in Kentucky. Him and Meagan do an amazing job! He has by far the highest success rate for harvesting trophy whitetails then any other I have hunted with. Listen to what he tells you and trust him and you will have a great hunt. He is the most prepared and hardest wokring outfitter in the industry!

1st Buck at Whitetail Crossing

Jeff and Erin Sanford

“I can’t begin to explain how much Jeff and I needed that trip. We wanted a break from the rest of the world, no worries, no stress from work or kids. Just a time of peace and relaxation… and we absolutely achieved that at Whitetail Crossing. We enjoyed everything about the lodge and meeting you, Kevin, your dad, and even the other hunters. Jeff and I both said we feel like we made some new lifelong friendships. You all made us feel so welcome and at home. I told Jeff I’m already ready to come back.” Jeff and Erin Sanford -Mississippi

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